Note: We will be updating this page regularily.

Getting Started

Introduction: New to the BLEduino? Start here.
Examples / Tutorials: A ton of examples using the BLEduino and our app.
iOS App: Where to download.
Android App: TBD. (We're working on it)

Reference Guides

Hardware Reference (TBD): Not sure which pins do what?
BLE Library Reference: A reference guide to the Arduino library.
iOS Modules Reference (TBD): Full list of app modules and what they do.


Windows 8 Driver Installation: How to install the BLEduino drivers on Windows 8. All other OS's can be found in the introduction.


Kits (TBD): Datasheets and parts list for the Maker and Ultimate Maker kits.
Hardware Design Files: For those who want to build on top of the BLEduino design.
Hardware Firmware Files: For those who need the firmware source code.
iOS App Source Code: Want to build a custom BLE app? Use our library!
iOS Library Documentation (TBD): iOS app source code documentation.
Super Advanced Miscellaneous (TBD): Want to build your own custom profiles and services?